If you choose to come in Puglia, we hope not only for our beautiful sea, our sun and our monuments…if so we offer some curiosity to experience and enjoy.

What to eat…fish is eaten and cooked according to traditional customs: arraganate anchovies, octopus casserole, the ciambotto, bream to st Nicholas, the fish soup at Gallipoli…Best are also the products of the earth, fruits, vegetable and legumes cleverly tied in recipes such as stuffed aubergines, orecchiette with broccoli rabe, the scattiata and much more.. The delicious dairy products and chees (delicious grilled), ricotta cheese, sublime with orecchiette, dairy products and cheeses are tasted with wines primitive and doc (Lucera, San Severo, Locorotondo and wine of Salento).

What you can discover… Puglia offers…many traditional events throughout the year, in addition to numerous festival and festivities, we want to alert you appointments famous around the world as the Carnival of Putignano, the rites of the Holy Week in Taranto, Cerignola and Vico del Gargano, the festival Della Valle d’Itria in Martina Franca (late July to mid-August), the feast of St. Nicholas in Bari (06/12-06/05), S. Michele in Monte S.Angelo (29/09) and the Madonna della Madia in Monopoli (15/12-16/08). Do not miss the Palio del Saraceno in Lucera (August) and The Crescent in Massafra (third Sunday in September). The Fiera del Levante in Bari (second week of September) will also be able to offer you the opportunity to buy products of the countries of the Mediterranean basin.